Download the CEREC Same Day Crown Infographic by your dentist in Arlington Heights

Dental Crowns on the Same Day: CEREC Light-Speed Dentistry

By Dr. Meena Barsoum

Do you have a broken tooth or crown? If you have been avoiding the dentist due to a tight schedule, you are not alone. To make having a beautiful, healthy smile easier, your Arlington Heights dentist provides same day crowns! Learn more about this time-saving technology with our Infographic below! Same Day Crowns: Quality dentistry […]

A woman thinks "I wish he would whiten his teeth once and a while"

The Best Way to Tell Someone to Whiten Their Teeth

By Dr. Meena Barsoum

  We all know that person with the beautiful teeth and yellow smile. Your boss. Your boyfriend. Your sister. We care about people and want them to look their best. But teeth whitening can be a sensitive subject (no pun intended) and treatments can vary in price and effectiveness. Why should people want a fresh, gleaming smile? What’s […]

clear aligners orthodontics

8 Reasons to Choose Clear Aligners Over Metal Braces

By Dr. Meena Barsoum

  Have you been putting off getting your smile straightened because you’d rather not be seen with metal brackets and wires all over your teeth? Traditional braces can take years to successfully straighten your smile – all the while you are dealing with eating restrictions, the endless struggle of brushing and flossing around all those […]