Arlington Heights dental implants

In our last blog we discussed how technology has dramatically affected dentistry, and in particular the creation and placing of dental implants. Those same dental advancements have also had a powerfully positive impact on the lives of those who use or need dentures.

In the past, wearing dentures has been a source of frustration and embarrassment. Chafing of sensitive gum tissue and slipping dentures has made it very difficult for their wearers to eat, talk and smile with real confidence. The satisfactory solution to this problem is the All-On-Four, implant-retained dentures. It’s a very simple solution to a beautiful, comfortable and lasting smile you will love!

“All-On-Four” Is As Easy As 1-2-3!

Implant retained dentures provide a permanent, comfortable, and effective solution to what was once a frustrating situation. The procedure is done basically in 3 steps:

  1. Dr. Barsoum and his fabulous team will remove the damaged and worn teeth.
  2. With the help of advanced technology, four dental implants are placed in very precise locations.
  3. A full arch of custom-created teeth is then permanently attached to those 4 implants.

Dr. Barsoum and his team always have the comfort of their patients as their #1 priority and provide comfort enhancing treatment solutions throughout the procedure. A local anesthetic is utilized to make it pain-free or they also offer general sedation under the care of a licensed anesthesiologist that lets you sleep through the whole procedure!

The procedure will typically take an entire day to complete and you will walk out of the office on that same day with a temporary bridge to wear until your final, custom-crafted denture is ready. It truly is teeth-in-a-day!

A Restored Masterpiece That’s Better Than New

Why we know you will love implant-retained dentures:

  1. Nothings looks, feels and functions more like your own natural teeth.
  2. Eat and talk with full function again.
  3. All-On-Four dentures sit on implant abutments, not on your gums. No more chafing!
  4. Improved oral health, and by extension whole body health.
  5. Self-confidence – you will love to share you smile again!

The All-On-Four or “teeth-in-a-day” treatment option is one of the most life-changing procedures offered to our patients at Impressive Smiles. You can literally walk in that morning with no teeth or damaged teeth, and leave that same day with a brand new smile that is better than new.

Make sure to read our next blog in this series that shares the heart-touching, true life experience of one of our patients and how implant-retained dentures truly changed his life.