Steve was a typical guy when it came to discomfort, he just suffered through it. For years he had lived with unsatisfactory removable partial dentures, but as the condition of his natural teeth deteriorated he knew he needed another, and better, solution. He could no longer laugh or smile without feeling embarrassed about the condition of his teeth and the impression he was making on clients and acquaintances.

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The condition of Steve’s smile was affecting his business and social relationships.

Steve wanted a healthy, fully- functioning smile again, one that he could feel confident about sharing with others. Dr. Barsoum recommended the All-On-Four, implant-retained denture solution for him. (Read our last blog in this series to learn more about this technically advanced dental option.)

Steve is the kind of patient we love to see at Impressive Smiles because we know how profoundly the right dental treatment can affect our patient’s lives.

Steve’s Journey to a New Life

Steve had the typical concerns about the All-On-Four procedure and any pain he might experience. Dr. Barsoum reassured Steve that the doctor and his team would monitor Steve’s comfort closely throughout the procedure and that he could even be put to sleep; he would simply wake up with a brand new smile!

A skilled and experienced surgeon removed Steve’s existing teeth and then precisely placed the dental implants that would be used to attach his new teeth onto. A lab technician and Dr. Barsoum created provisional teeth so that Steve would leave with new teeth that same day. These acrylic, provisional teeth allow the implants and gum tissue to heal properly before the permanent teeth are placed.

The next part is one of the most rewarding procedures for Dr. Barsoum and his team:  the placing of the permanent teeth. When Steve saw his new smile he couldn’t hold the tears back. And neither could the Impressive Smiles team. What a difference!


Wow! What a difference a day made to Steve’s smile.

It’s easy to see why Steve has been all smiles ever since his procedure! His friends and family can’t believe the difference, not only in his smile, but in Steve himself. His confidence level  is over –the-top. His new smile has impacted his working relationships, and actually his whole life-style. Now instead of hiding his smile and feeling embarrassed because of the condition of his teeth, his embarrassment comes from responding to the many complements he is getting from others about what a great smile he has!

Steve is just one of the many success stories of the Impressive Smiles team. Your story could be next! We would love to help you start on your life-changing journey. Contact our office at (847)253-4447 and set up a consultation with our dental implant expert, Arlington Heights cosmetic dentist Dr. Barsoum .

Learn for yourself the difference a day can make!